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Work Place Assessments

This type of assessment involves the occupational health practitioner attending the workplace and carrying out a capability assessment determining what the employee is able to do at work in their role. The assessment can be completed if the employee is in work and struggling with their work or if they are returning to work following a period of absence.

The on site assessment is detailed and takes around 2 hours to complete. The assessment consists of both a medical history and a direct observation of the employee in the workplace performing their role with their health condition. This gives a good indication of the employee’s physical capabilities and what the employee is able to cope with when executing their role.

This type of assessment is recommended when a more in-depth evaluation of capabilities is required; an employee may have a long standing health condition that has affected their ability to perform their role over a period of time or they have been diagnosed with a condition that will affect their long term health and ability to fulfil their role. Management can refer directly for this assessment or it may be recommended after a fitness for work/ sickness absence assessment.

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