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Stress Risk Assessments

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have recognised stress as a workplace hazard. An individual can feel ‘stress’ from either their home or work environment and both can impact on the individual’s ability to perform at work. This can result in absence or presenteeism but both are costly to organisations.

It is important as an employer that you support your employee in the best way possible to allow them to address the issue causing the stress. This will lead to a more motivated, happier and productive member of staff and increase your reputation as a caring employer.

Sometimes it is easier for employees to discuss work place issues with an independent party. Where the stress is identified as work related employers have a duty of care to address the issue raised. OPA Health Ltd offers an independent stress risk assessment that complies with standards set from the HSE. A fully comprehensible report relating to the identified stress issue will be sent to the referring manager (the normal parameters of consent apply) following the assessment. It will give the referring manager clear direction as to the perceived stressors, allowing management to address the issues and bring the case to resolution.

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