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Management referrals – Sickness Absence Assessments

Sickness absence is costly to organisations and the education sector in terms of budget, loss of productivity and the impact of increased work to other staff members. Timely interventions addressing the factors associated with the absence can lead to an earlier resolution of the absence.

Employees can be referred to Opa Health for either regular short term or long term absence. There are advantages of gaining an occupational health medical opinion where an employee is absent including, supporting an earlier return to work reducing the cost of absence to your organisation, enabling employees to build their stamina back to working their full duties and determining whether adjustments are required on a temporary or more permanent basis. Return to work plans advise a safe, structured, supported return mechanism that is geared to accommodate the needs of both employee and employer.

The assessment independently assesses the effect an employee’s health has on their ability to work and the potential effect an individual’s health may have on their ability to carry out their role. The assessment can be carried out on-site with one of our advisors, via the telephone or at the offices of OPA Health Ltd. Home visits to an employee can also be arranged but a chaperone will need to be provided.

All aspects are considered during the assessment including a physical and mental capability assessment, past and present health conditions, ability to undertake normal activities and how this transfers to work capability.

A report is provided following the assessment to the referring managers with consent of the individual and includes:
•    a summary of the current health condition and details of received and upcoming treatment
•    a clinical opinion on fitness to work and whether any adjustments are required to either remain in work or return to work
•    details of a recommended return to work phased programme if clinically applicable, for management to use to support an earlier return.
•    whether any onward referral to other professionals would benefit the individual
•    whether the Equality Act 2010 applies
•    How long the condition is likely to affect the individual
•    Answers to any additional questions managers may have included in the referral (managers can ask up to 3 additional questions)

To use this service consent must be gained from the employee for a referral. The manager then follows these 3 easy steps:
1.    Complete the referral form and send to OPA Health Ltd
2.    Arrange an assessment date, either face to face or via the telephone, for the employee
3.    Receive the report within 3 working days of the assessment enabling management to quickly act on the occupational health recommendations

The assessments can be arranged as a single stand-alone assessment or part of a more comprehensive package where an occupational health practitioner works on-site and completes a number of assessments and services for you.

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