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Driver Medicals

If your employees are using company vehicles to travel on work business, then a driver medical is recommended to ensured their fitness to drive. The assessment meets the requirements laid down by Health and Safety Executive and will ensure that your organisation is compliant with the correct regulations.

The assessments are available either as single assessments via the Bronze package or through the half or full day service in the Silver or Gold package.

It is best to check your employees licence and the date it was issued as licences prior to 1st January 1997 have an additional entitlement (D1 category) to drive a minibus of up to 16 seats (if not for hire or reward) and medium-sized lorries ranging between 3.5t to 7.5t (C1 category). However, employees with any known medical condition that may affect their ability to drive should be assessed for fitness to drive on behalf of your business. Details from the DVLA related to driving and medicals can be accessed via the link

Group 2 licence applications (large lorries and buses) require a medical assessment by a registered medical practitioner (recorded on the D4 form). The same assessment is required again at 45 years of age and on any subsequent reapplication.

Please fill in our enquiry form or telephone OPA Health Ltd on 01206 700911 if you require a medical assessment for the renewal of a Group 2 licence.

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