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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

OPA Health Ltd can offer on-site DSE assessments where an employee has identified a health issue associated with the work station they are using. The health concerns maybe musculoskeletal in nature, a repetitive strain injury, upper or lower back ache, posture issues.

Good practice within an organisation is for an annual DSE screening assessment for all computer users. If there are persistent or unresolved health concerns, OPA Health Ltd can provide a detailed on-site medical DSE assessment.

The DSE assessment includes an on-site visit to the individual for a 1:1 evaluation of their workstation. The DSE user’s general health, working equipment and wider working environment is assessed for the impact on the individual’s symptoms. Access to a private separate room is required for the initial part of the assessment before the work station is assessed.

A full detailed report is provided to the referring manager with the individual’s consent covering

•    Posture
•    Effect of work tasks on an individual’s health
•    Ergonomic set-up including a review of the current equipment used (monitor, mouse, keyboard, chair)
•    Working environment including lighting
•    Recommendations for adapting the existing DSE work station to suit the user’s needs
•    Recommendations for any equipment that would benefit the user’s health
•    Recommendations regarding the rotation of work tasks

Managers can refer for this service either as a stand-alone assessment or as part of the Gold or Silver package of services available. It is more cost effective to utilise these packages. There are 3 easy steps to follow once consent has been gained from the employee:

1.    A referral form is completed by the referring manager
2.    An appointment for an on-site assessment is made with OPA Health Ltd.
3.    A report is sent to the referring manager following the assessment. The referring manager is encouraged to sit with the employee to discuss the contents of the report.

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