Coronavirus Crisis

Now we are over a week into the Government recommended social isolation due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, supporting your employees mental health has never been more important.

This sudden and major change in the way we live and work affects how we balance our day. How effectively we cope with this change will depend on how we adapt to the current situation. This can be made even more difficult with underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

We are living, working and functioning within close proximity with family members, often with different ages, needs and expectations of how to cope. Coupled with the regular updates from the news, with no definitive time scale of how long these measures will be required, the individual stressors we are dealing with on a daily basis have the potential to build up on existing worries and concerns.

There are many issues that may be affecting employees including:

Anxiety or stress with concerns about the impact of coronavirus on health, jobs, finances and family
The isolation effects of home working
Not being able to access external sources of support

OPA Health are offering to support businesses, managers and HR professionals in maintaining the mental health of their employees through this crisis.

We are offering a 30 minute mental health welfare consultation with your employees at a reduced price during this time with a qualified occupational health practitioner to address:

Their concerns and current mental wellbeing strategies
Practical tips to maintaining their mental health in the current circumstances
Resources they and their family can access to improve resilience

This service is ideal for those employees who have an underlying mental health diagnosis or those who have experienced either absenteeism or presenteeism with mental health symptoms. It is aimed at supporting any employee you may be concerned about but do not have the resources to check-in with.

If you wish to access the occupational health welfare check-in service please either contact us on 01206 700911, at or via our enquiries page on the website.