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OPA Health offers an occupational health service needs that is reflective of the differing needs of small and medium size businesses.

It is cost effective and allows businesses to make the choice between dipping in and out of occupational health services with no contract fees or to engage in a fuller service that offers both pro-active wellbeing alongside fitness to work assessments. Businesses can opt for the level of service that best suits them from the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages available. Click here to find out more about these.

Absence is a major cost to business. The CBI’s 2013 absence survey found the average total cost for each absent employee in 2012 was £975, while the median cost of absence per employee totalled £622.

Costs of absence to individual organisations vary greatly depending on the size of the business, the business model that is used, the policies adopted and the impact of direct and indirect absenteeism costs. Smaller businesses with less resources will feel a greater impact of employee absence on financial and on other employees.

OPA Health Ltd can offer support for businesses in a number of ways:

  • With medical issues relating to short and long term sickness absence
  • A quick turnaround in receiving the medical report from OPA Health (within 48 hours) means that recommendations can be acted upon in a timely way. The daily cost of absence is approximately £104 a day. Quicker access to the OH report and recommendations reduces the impact of unnecessary waiting costs.
  • Investment in utilising onward referrals to further services at a reduced cost rather than waiting for NHS treatment will not only be beneficial to the employee and but also more cost effective for businesses in reducing the wait for NHS treatment and increasing the likelihood of an earlier return to work. The typical wait for NHS physiotherapy is around 5-6 weeks potentially adding around £2,500 to absence costs until treatment has started and counselling is 4-5 weeks costing around £2,000. Accessing a counselling or physiotherapy referral via OH would cost between £300-£500 depending on the support required but investing in the staff in this way would save your business around £1500 per absence in negating lost time in waiting for treatment.
  • Offering health and wellbeing services promotes a healthier more productive workforce and contributes to reduced sickness absence
  • Tailored bespoke training sessions to the needs of your business and employees can help build resilience in coping with stress, both within and outside of work, and the impact this has on employee’s mental health. Equipping employees with coping mechanisms to address every day work stressors can have a positive impact on performance, productive and potential absence.
  • Assisting with policies, working with your HR departments to ensure they are reflective of how your business works and that they are fair.
  • Ensuring the appropriate risk assessments are completed and up to date means your business remains compliant with Health and Safety regulations and reduces the risk of litigation. Risk assessments are also a pro-active way to manage staff health and wellbeing to reduce the likelihood of sickness absence. All risk assessments are compliant with the standards outlined by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Having the flexibility for a business to choose between telephonic occupational health assessment or access to an onsite occupational health delivery allows for a more cost effective service. The ability to choose on-site services will assist staff confidence to access support and guidance in issues affecting them. There is a psychological difference in staff being seen by occupational health and receiving support ‘at work’ rather than being sent to an alternative site to receive assistance. Staff feel more appreciated by the organisation which positively contributes to their morale.
  • Adding the option for business to provide access to bespoke wellness campaigns, initiatives and complimentary therapies will also add to the staff appreciation which in turn will aid staff retention and attract other staff to the business as a caring employer

Occupational Health Services

  • " OPA has been the Sigma Trust’s chosen partner for Occupational Health Services since April 2019. We have been impressed by their willingness to be responsive and flexible in order to meet the needs of our organisation and have found them to be efficient and effective in the service they provide. OPA provide clear, honest health reports that both benefit the employee and enable the organisation to support our employees in a meaningful and realistic way.  The advice provided in reports is pragmatic and relevant and OPA understands our industry sector and the context in which we operate. We have no hesitation in recommending OPA to other organisations. "
    Sigma Trust
  • " As a company we have had the pleasure of working with OPA and I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine because of her vast experience in the field of Occupational Health. She provides a professional, practical yet friendly service and has a very approachable and confident manner. "
    Katie Eastwell, Managing Partner, Lincoln Occupational Health LLP
  • " Our staff were hugely appreciative of the wellbeing intervention treatments you provided. Opa Health were hugely professional but friendly, putting staff at ease from start to finish. Many many thanks. "
    Ali Cort, Director, Browser Media

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